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About us

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My name is Alex. I am an italian tour guide. I was born in Rome and since I was a kid I liked to speak foreign languages. In fact, I studied languages at the High School and continued at the University, where I got the degree of Japanese language and literature. Nowadays, I work basically in 4 languages: english, japanese, portuguese and spanish.
I have been working in tourism field for over 20 years. During all this time, I gradually specialized in private tours, despite I still cooperate with travel agents and do tours for groups as well. At work, I have improved my skills of psycological introspection, simply observing the thousands of tourists passing by.
In fact, to be a good tour guide is not just a matter of speaking foreign languages and knowing the history of the country. There’s much more involved.
In a few minutes, an experienced tour guide must know how to get into the client’s mood, figure out what his wishes and expectations are. A good tour guide should let tourists feel comfortable and quickly create a relationship of trust. Most of the times their first impression of the country much depends on the tour guide’s approach.
As concerns myself, I always have a positive approach everytime I start a tour. I feel like it’s the first time I go to work. Same enthusiasm. It couldn’t be different.
I work in a beautiful country, I deal with happy people on holidays, I make new acquaintances every day. Is there anything I should complain about? On the other hand, I don't forget what tourists expect from me anyway: help them to have a good time, make them feel secure and go back home with good memories of Italy. My partner tour guides and I always do our best to accomplish their wishes and expectations and if we succeed it's because we still do our job very passionately.