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Rome's hidden spots

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This is a panoramic tour of Rome, with a few basic stops for ritual photographing and lunch included at the end.


Duration: half day

Pick up: hotel lobby

Transport: car hire service or taxi

Meals included: lunch

Places of visit: Key Hole (Aventino hill), Mouth of the Truth, Campidoglio hill, Villa Farnesina, Fontanone (Janiculus hill)

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First of all, the tour guide will pick the clients up at their hotel.

Then, by private car or taxi they move altogether to the famous Key Hole, one of the most requested secret, hidden spots, right on the Aventino Hill. It’s a quick stop at the entrance of a nice old villa belonging to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to watch an unexpected scenario through the main door’s key hole. After taking some pics, move to Mouth of the Truth, unforgettable filming location of the movie Roman Holidays, great success during the sixties and the Campidoglio Hill, actual seat of Rome’s Prefecture and the Capitolini Museums.

Excellent views of the city from different perspectives.

Back to the car to transfer to the Villa Farnesina, where we take a time to enjoy the amazing fresco paintings that Raphael performed for Agostino Chigi, tycoon of the early Renaissance and owner of the residence.

From the Farnesina the driver will take the clients up to the Janiculus Hill and stop by the Fontanone, beautiful example of roman baroque and stunning view of centre of Rome.

Following, move to the Via Piccolomini on the back side of the hill. It’s a narrow street in the Aurelio district, in a pleasant, quiet and exclusive area of the city, well known for the optical illusion effect you will feel when watching the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Breathtaking spectacle. After, from via Piccolomini, the car will move back to the highest place of Janiculus Hill, to watch the ceremonial of the Cannon shot. Everyday, the italian Army attends at this special procedure, introduced by the Pope Pius IX in 1847 and performed on the Janiculus since 1903 as a signal of 12:00 pm.

Last place of the tour will be Vatican City (external view) with St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square .

Then, after the tour our driver will take us to one typical local trattoria, in the neighborhood of Vatican City to enjoy a traditional roman lunch.