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Vatican Museums No Rush

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Duration: half day

Pick up: your hotel

Transport: car hire service, taxi or subway

Meals included: no

Places of visit: Vatican Museum

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People who are interested in greek and roman history can reserve with us a full immersion tour of the 1st museum of antiquities in Rome, and probably, in the world. Average visiting time for a standard Vatican Museums tour is around 1½ hrs and includes just a few rooms before getting to the Sistine Chapel, which is the main expectation of everybody.

Our detailed visit takes double time than the usual tours and includes:

-       Scalone (fantastic elliptical double staircase).

-       Picture Gallery with paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Giotto and the tapestries by Raphael!

-       Courtyard of the Pinecone.

-       Chiaramonti Gallery with almost a thousand items (marble busts, statues etc.) representing real ancient romans and greek mithology’s personages.

-       Braccio Nuovo with the famous statue of Octavianus Augustus.*

-       Octagonal Courtyard, real first place where the history of Vatican Museums started from.

-       Room of Animals, Gallery of Statues and Busts.*

-       Hall of Belvedere, Round Room and Greek Cross Room.

-       Egyptian Museum.

-       Gregorian Etruscan Museum.

-       Room of the Chariot.

-       Gallery of Candelabras, Gallery of Tapestries and Gallery of Maps.

-       Apartment of Julius II (fresco paintings by Raphael!!!).

-       Borgia’s Apartments.

-       Sistine Chapel.

*According to Museums' availability.


Discover the authentic story of the creation of the Vatican Museums and become a real connoiseur of the history of the Popes and the Vatican City! If you like the history of Rome, you can’t miss this opportunity. Reserve your private tour now!