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Besides the city tours and optional tours, we provide other services, such as ticket reservations for the main tourist attractions (museums, archeological sites) and events (opera concerts, soccer games), private car hire for city tours and transfers to/from the airport, interpreting and assistance for tourists who need support when reporting accidents to local authorities (police, doctors, insurance companies).
Often, these small details can turn your vacation into headache if you don’t know which option is the most suitable for you.
Let's give you an example: suppose you are at Fiumicino International Airport and you are to decide how to get to your hotel. You can choose among taxi service (fixed fare around 50 euros + 1 euro for each bag), Leonardo Express no stop train airport/Termini Station (14 euros per person) or car hire service (about 60-65 euros) with professional private driver.
Taxi is a little bit risky (if you catch by chance one of the so-called “jackal drivers” you can be easily ripped off. It’s a shame, but it still happens quite often).
Train in my opinion is OK up to 2 people: if you think that for 3 people the cost is around 45 euros and it just drops you off at Central Railway Station (then, depending on your hotel location you might need to take the subway or bus), it doesn’t make such a big difference with taxi. There are trains every 15 minutes and the no-stop journey lasts 32 minutes. There’s also another train line available to reach the city, but it’s slower and does many stops until Tiburtina Station, the second main train station of Rome (price is 8 euros and it takes 48 minutes with trains every 15 minutes).
Then, you could take into consideration the private car hire service with professional driver.
Recently, due to global financial recession, many commercial sectors have been revising their tariff strategies.
Car hire service companies as well, which have always been considered an exclusive, costful service, restricted to VIP people, now offer services at surprisingly reasonable fares.
We recommend our partner drivers, definitely more reliable and safer than taking a taxi at random.
If you want to know more in details about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be at your disposal for any question.


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